Our Mission


4STEPS goal is to improve the minds and bodies of our riders, using our horses as partners.

 4STEPS  mission is to provide equine assisted activities and therapies to  promote physical, emotional and educational growth and development for  children and adults with disabilities and their families in our  community including military veterans and their families.    

Our Vision is to bring hope, joy and unlimited possibilities through the healing power of the horse. At 4STEPS the daily obstacles of frustrating disabilities are left behind for the freedom of a horse’s movement. Students challenge the limits of their abilities and best of all have fun doing it!   

The needs of each student are carefully considered when we assemble a personal therapeutic team and develop individual horsemanship goals. 

Whatever the goals, the horse is a strong motivator to provide individuals with the help they need to overcome their obstacles. 

 For over 15 years 4STEPS has been a PATH Intl member center serving Wicomico,  Worcester, Somerset and southern Sussex Counties.  Our certified  therapeutic riding instructors and trained volunteers have provided  planned sessions in equine-assisted activities and therapies to children  and adults with disabilities.   

Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Learning


First Rate Course Offerings

At  4STEPS we provide a safe and supportive atmosphere while encouraging  and fostering independence.  

Our riders build strength in their bodies by learning to groom, saddle and ride. They improve their confidence by learning from our horses and receiving unconditional love that only animals can provide. 4STEPS specializes in riding instruction for special needs individuals, but provides therapeutic riding to individuals of any ability. The organization was founded in 2002 by Sandy Winter who is the Executive Director and Head Instructor. All instructors with the program are at least Registered Level Therapeutic Riding Instructors certified with Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH Intl.). All activities at 4STEPS are run according to PATH Intl. standards, and safety is our primary goal. This policy booklet is meant to address some of the most frequent questions we receive and to establish guidelines to ensure our program continues to operate as safely as possible.  

Learn to ride with us!!!
We  work with just about any kind of rider! Sessions are one hour  weekly. Riders will learn to groom, saddle and ride to their ability.  Our sessions are focused on physical and emotional development as well  as riding skills. Riders will perform activities during the session to  utilize various muscle groups, stimulate learning, learn to ride and  have FUN!  

What does it mean: 'A horse is a mirror to your soul.'

Although many of us perceive horses are magical, they are not!


The natural ability of a horse to instantly present psychological awareness to a person is not only intuitive but transformative. Although many of us perceive that horses are magical, they are not! The horse purely does what it does best – be a horse.

Things do not have to be magical to be amazing. In many cases people do not have the language to de-mystify the deeper nature of horses (Equus). One can be a horseperson, understanding the language, be educated in the area of horse nature, and still be awed by the keen ability of the horse to demonstrate clearly and precisely an experience that a client needs to bring about profound change.

It is the innate ability of the horse to mirror our thoughts feelings, actions, behaviors and unspoken desires. It is through this mirroring process that clients come to understand who they are and how they impact the world around them. 

 Magic happens out on our Fairy Trails

Magic happens out on our Fairy Trails